About Serenity Travel Services

Serenity Travel Services is a full service travel agency.  Our goal is to make your vacation dreams come true.  Our team of expert travel consultants are well trained and knowledgeable in handling your travel request, best value to save money, and ensure your travel needs are complete and to your satisfaction. Serenity Travel takes pride in the customer service that we provide for you. You are not just a client to us, we consider you family.  We give the service that makes you want to know us as we certainly want to know you. Whether you are trying to get away for the weekend to relax and unwind or that vacation you have always dreamed of, Serenity Travel Services can make that dream come true. 

Don't wait for the perfect moment to take a vacation, take the vacation and make the moment perfect.

​Hope to hear from you soon,

Stacey Parish and Team Serenity  


Who is Team Serenity? 

  • Stacey Parish-Owner/Operator/Agent- has been in the travel industry for over 22 years.  My how the time flies when you’re having "Fun"  And "Fun" is what Stacey brings to planning your vacation.  She wants from the time you call with your travel request to booking your vacation to boarding the plane for it to be a "Fun “stress-free experience. Stacey Specializes in selling the Caribbean, Mexico and Honeymoons. But her favorite is Group Cruises.  I delight in meeting new clients and after all the planning to get a call while your guest are on their vacation expressing the "Fun" they are having is always a thrill that is special to me.I enjoy seeing the world and sharing my knowledge of travel with clients, family and friends.  Travel memories will last a lifetime.  Don't wait for the perfect moment to take a vacation.  Take the vacation and make the moment perfect.
  • Bakerah Farr- Social Media Manager/Assistant- Better known as Kerah, joined Serenity Travel Services in 2015 after simply asking a question, "Who is responsible for your social media?" There was no looking back from there!  
  • Chanette Weaver-Agent- has been a part of the Serenity team since 2008! Chanette and her husband David live in the western suburbs, and have been married 19 years!   They love to travel, and have done so extensively over the years.  Chanette is very thorough in vacation planning.  She has an upbeat personality, and is very attentive when it comes to her client's needs.  She is truly a people person!  Her motto has always been to book her clients in resorts that she would stay in, herself! Chanette also has a passion for baking desserts! She has several specialties which include sweet potato pie, banana pudding cake, cheesecake brownies, and so much more!  She is thankful to God for the gift of baking!
  • Karen Love-Agent- booked a trip with Serenity Travel Services in 2009.  It was her first trip alone and out of the country.  She had such a wonderful experience; she joined the agency in 2010.What Karen loves most about the travel business is meeting new people and visiting new locations.  Her favorite location being Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. When not working with clients or traveling, Karen enjoys spending time with family and friends and attending church.  Her dream travel experience would be to go to Monte Carlo and Monaco
  • Zenell Hammons-Agent- has been in the travel industry for over 21 years.  Her love for travel and her extensive knowledge of destinations makes her an excellent travel consultant. She specializes in international travel with a focus on European Countries.  She always shares with he clients a quote from Saint Augustine, "The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read a page." Zenell pays very close attention to details to assure her clients have the best travel experience possible.  She ensures her clients have all the necessary documents, including but not limited to, visas, transfers and shots needed for travel. Whether you want to discover the Caribbean, experience the rich History of Europe, climb and see spectacular views from the Great Wall of China, or simply a day of shopping on Champs-Elysees in Paris, she's your expert travel consultant.  There is no vacation too large or too small for her special touch..
  • Donna Brooks-Agent- When I took my first cruise over 20 years ago I knew that travel was my passion. After retiring from the United States Postal Service (33 years) I was ready to dive into travel full time.  Since than I have been on 18 cruises and counting and have received my certification as a cruise specialist. In my spare time I like to spend it with family and especially my grandson. So 1st time cruises that need a little help and guidance give me a call and let's make your trip into a vacation.
  • Jackie Brewer-Smith -Agent As a child, my first family vacation to Disney World was when I fell in love with travel. Our family flew for the first time together to Florida, and I remember the thrill and excitement of going to another state, city, and entertainment venue. As a young adult, cruising has also been in my blood ever since I took my first cruise on the NCL Norway along with several other members from my church had a ball on our short 3-night cruise to the Bahamas. Nearly 40 cruises later in life, I welcome inquiries on the best cruises for my clients. Over the years I have helped others establish memorable and fun moments in their travels by recommending places of interest, pricing, and selecting the best options for their dream vacations. Since joining STS in 2018, I have gained even more knowledge by becoming a Jamaica Tourism Specialist, AMResort Specialist, Sandals Specialist, RIU Hotels Specialist, & Ph.D. level Certification with NCL, to name a few. I celebrate with my clients living their best lives as they enjoy their vacations as tomorrow isn't promised to us. After 37 years in the corporate world, I retired as a project manager, and I prayed that my husband, family, and I could start traveling more. God answered my prayers, and we have visited many destinations as Africa, the Caribbean, Dubai, Greece, the Holy Land, Alaska, and hopefully very many more destinations to come. I thank Carla who confirmed my thought of becoming a professional travel consultant, and when you are ready to travel don't forget me as I would love to be your "travel consultant".
  • Lynelle Jackson-Evans-Agent  Lynelle is thrilled to join the Serenity Travel Services team with more than 15 years of experience planning corporate and personal travel to international and domestic destinations. Lynelle’s greatest joy is personalizing every travel experience she designs for her clients with meticulous detail. She studies every traveler’s hobbies and desires and immerses herself in the destinations she is sending them to. Lynelle’s personal travel experiences most frequently include trips to Mexico, the Caribbean, and cities throughout the European countries of Finland, Amsterdam, Italy and France. She is passionate about helping others experience their most fulfilling travel experience- no matter the destination!
  • Towan Hall-Agent I am new to the travel industry, and overjoyed about joining the Serenity Travel Team. I researched, booked and planned my family's first vacation with great excitement. Once we all arrived to the resort, my mind was blown away by how awesome it was. I knew working in travel and helping others plan a great vacation is what I wanted to do. I am passionate about working with the youth and young adults and has 15 plus years as a social worker. When you let them know you care and listen to what they say, your impact in their lives will make a difference. I love to volunteer in the community coaching baseball and soccer. So let's plan that next family trip together.

  • CeCe Phillips- Business Manager
  • Vickie Pennington - Agent
  • Alex Holden- Agent
  • Jocelyn Hughes -Agent